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//It is only a story
//Your story. My story.
Oct 06 10(no subject)
act; i can only live by my heart [kk]
...I have nothing conclusive or relevant to offer! Please accept this post of rambles.

- [x infinity] Oh, lj, why have I been gone so long? :( I feel so out of touch with everyone, so I'm back-tracking through entries and getting confused because my head just doesn't work these days.

- I feel like ever since uni finished my head is slowly turning to smush. I am losing my marbles and unfortunately, they seem to be left in Neverland. -_-" Oh well, I'll have to make do without them!

- I seriously cannot believe that it's October already. I feel like I should be getting back into uni and studying and getting through all the lovely autumn days but, unfortunately, those days are over.

-/+ hmm, too many minuses. This is not going well.

+ I may re-learn to drive again! Hopefully, soon I'll get insurance on my mums car and be able to drive around!

- I should probably find somewhere to drive to. Hmmm...

+ Nanowrimo... now, I always make an account and think of something but nothing ever actually happens. I have ideas (extremely strange one in my head as of this moment) but they don't materialise into anything. I'm thinking about this one though. Sort of.

- I'm hungry for cheese and onion Hula Hoops. (no I am not pregnant, though most women around me are or recently gave birth...)

- But I need to lose weight. And I know it sounds silly and completely something-something (there's a word I want to use but it has disappeared from my mind) and I know that, unlike Bridget Jones, a smaller waist will not lead to self-actualization, just to a small dress. Buuut, I have legitimate reason to, and as soon as the speaking-ban is lifted from it, I shall tell you all!

- It's strange that I have to refer to characters in order to make sense.

+/- I'm a book snob. I don't know if it's a goood thing or a bad thing, but I'm a complete snob. I can't read half the things I have because my snobbery won't let me touch them. Help?

+ I'm trying to get into different styles of headscarf, but unfortunately, I end up looking Turkish or Arab. Which would be good if I could speak Arabic or Turkish but I can't so I have to tell the cute ladies who speak no English that I don't understand a word comin' outta their mouths. Don't nobody understand a word comin' outta your mouth! Also, my sister find it hilarious and call me 'Kurdish-land.'

+ I am trying to learn Arabic!

- And failing!

+ Still trying though. :)

+ My friend and I worked out that I'm Catherine Mansfield from Northanger Abbey. And I know it's completely right but a part of me (annoyingly, a completely Catherine-ish part) wants to be Elizabeth Bennett. Marcia Marcia Marcia. ;)

:D That is all! And let me know what's going on in our lives. I have missed lots! :(

Oct 01 10(no subject)
yb; i can do almost anything to you [tk
...Sometimes I think my life is the The Truman Show and the stupid things I do are to amuse the poor people who have nothing better to do than to watch my life...

I work as a receptionist at an accountancy firm and I've been there the past few weeks. And today as my mum was dropping me off, I realised I hadn't charged my phone so I knew it was going to die sooner or later today. Fast forward to the end of the day and it's pouring with rain but I had locked up and said goodbye to my boss and colleague and was walking down home.

I thought I'd listen to my ipod but duh, I realised I haven't got either my ipod or my phone. So I walked all the way back up to work and opened up and switched off the alarm and grabbed my things.

And then I realised I didn't know how to set the alarm and every time I pressed something it went on and on and on. So I rang my boss who picked up after ages and I was panicking on the phone, saying how to set it. But because of the rain my phone wasn't getting any reception and then, on top of that, the battery was dying. I was trying to ring him and he was trying to ring me and I was just panicking. The office phone rang and I thought it was him and picked up blurting out 'argh what do I do?!?' and the voice on the other end was completely confused and asked to speak to my boss and left a message and I was just thinking, a strange woman is screaming down the phone and you still want to leave a message?!??!

I tried to do as my boss said after he rang again and it just ended up saying 're-set alarm?' 'test walkthrough' and kept beeping loudly. And honestly, I had no idea what to do. I sat outside and texted him asking if I should stay. And then my mum came and picked me up saying it doesn't matter, lets go home. So I texted him again and left, panicking the entire way.

And finally, when I got home, an hour later I realised that my stupid phone had not been receiving texts so I realised that he had arrived at work as soon as I had left. And now I feel even worse. :( If I had only stayed, I could have apologised and grovelled there and then but since I had left I have to get through an agonizingly long weekend. I am such a dumbass I feel like I need to come with an instruction manual just to ease my own mind, forget everyone else.

Gah. >.<"""

..oh, lj, I have missed you. ♥♥♥
Jun 22 10(no subject)
act; i can only live by my heart [kk]

But damn, seriously, those potatoes look mighty fine to me. I can even taste all the butter... yuuuuum. ♥

Love this song so much. <333 x infinity.

Read The Time Traveller's Wife and I found it quite odd. Spoilers. ishCollapse )

Zomg, I want those 'taters so bad. X_X
Jun 15 10(no subject)
nc; welcome!! [noda]
Times like this I wish I knew more Desi languages than Panjabi/Urdu/(filmi) Hindi...

So beautiful and I bet I'd love it more if I could understand. (The Hindi version, 'Behne De' is gorgeous but I know that the meanings aren't exactly the same.)

That said, there's this channel that plays Hindi film songs and has subs in Hindi devanagari so you can have a sing-a-long, and obviously my sisters and I can't read it. But we know most of the lyrics off by heart so we pretend we can read it and sing a long, confusing the shit out of my eleven year old sister. XD

But Raavan/Ravanan is confusing because the hero/good guy/Ram in Raavan is the villain/Ravan in Ravanan but I think it's be interesting to compare the characters.

Also, afrocat.co.kr, please five me all of your stationary. I want aaaall of it. Mostly this, this, and this. That would be good/very kind thank you. Hwaiting!

And zomg Coffee House? I LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥ I adore Ham Eun-jung and Kang Ji-hwan (of course!) and Park Shin Hye. <3333

I also love the music of Ishqiya:

It sounds Mexican and slightly French to me, but I love Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's voice. <3 And the song has 'avein' in it which made me squee because it's a Panjabi word and I always get excited when I hear Panjabi in the songs. 'Avein' just means for 'no reason' or 'just because' so it's not like it's a completely poetical word but I just love the Panjabi. ♥.
May 24 10(no subject)
nc; welcome!! [noda]
+ Huzzah! Freedom! Exams/assignments are all over! I've cleared out my books but I just need a good long tidy and I shall be fine. :D

- Hiatus is still sort of in effect since I doubt I'll have proper time to update.

- Abhay Deol as spoilt brat = Mr Knightly?! Um. NO. Mr Knightly was not a brat but a man older and wiser in years. He was the gravity to the flighty Emma. Please don't butcher books. It makes kittens cry.

+ Has anyone heard of Shaapit? I've not heard it but the music is quite awesome.

+ Please be releasing soon I Hate Love Stories... a> I am loooving all the references to other films! :D

+ Yankee-kun to Megane-chan is quite cute. :) I am loving it lots and lots. <3 Trailer, though it's in Japanese only.

- Silly billy problems are annoying me but oh well.

+ I can't wait to start reading lots and lots of books for fun. Though I'm afraid I've forgotten how...

+/- Prince of Persia was... odd. I think it was beautiful - the cinematography, the lighting, the action, the actors, the music, the costumes etc but something was off about it. It's probably because it diverges from the game series a lot.

- Namely it's the fact that it is slightly white-washed. Not only in terms of the casting but in some of the ways in which is portrays Islamic culture. Obviously it's a Disney production so certain things would inevitably be unavoidable (all white main cast for example) but there were a few things that irked me. And the problem is that it's only if you look into it you realise it. :-S

- So I've forgotten how to watch a film/tv shot properly and not as a student. -_- Uni, stop plaguing my life plz.

+ Doctor Who is oddly entertaining. I've gotten used to his eyebrows. And he looks soo much better than in the first promo pics - it looks as though he's saying "Woah no way, I'm Doctor fucking Who." ~ Plz be shutting your mouth.

-/+ I watched Jang Guen Suk's Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do and it was irksome. The plot was completely cliched and boring and did nothing for me. Though JGS at the end was quite a bit awesome. Trailer. Jung Eui Chul was the supporting actor though and all I could think was please be getting the girl soon. <3

+ Graduation date is confirmed! InshaALLAH 14th July 2010! <3<3<3

That is all for now! <33
May 20 10(no subject)
smv; those who are dead are [chlark]

<3<3<3 I love you Mohammed Rafi. I love you Asha Parekh. I love you O. P. Nayer. <3<3<3

That is all!

May 09 10(no subject)
yb; taekyung the sad {allergic} puppy

Dear flist;

I miss you terribly. Hopefully, I shall be back one day soon as soon as I've slayed the exam-dragon.

In other news, my graduation date has been finalised... 14 July 2010.

I may cry until my eyes bleed.

Love, me.
Apr 24 10(no subject)
atla; no loose ends [z/k]
Ship Manifesto

Please vote Zuko/Katara for match 17. For every vote that Ash/Misty get a kitten dies somewhere. TT_TT
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